SicBo Gclub casino

Gclub the best online casino Open for live high-definition games, live, by a beautiful dealer. Live broadcast from foreign casinos Including table games that are ready for you to bet at any time without having to wait for other players Or for those who are a Hi-Lo master We also have the Fast Mode service, which is a faster version of the dice, with shorter betting times. So you can bet online Sic Bo and win money faster

How to play Sic Bo

The face of each dice consists of 1 to 6 points, according to the point of the Tao. In the form of table games Or Live Hi-Lo There will be a period for you to bet. When the timer expires, the dealer will begin to dice Once you know the outcome of the dice and the payout is complete, the betting round for Fast Mode may be slightly different in that you will press the dice yourself when the bet is finished. With no need to wait for the dealer or other players (Similar to spinning online slots)

The fun of the dice is that various betting styles. Because there are many different types of dice results Traditionally we call The dice are high (11-17) and low (4-10). There are also other ways to bet, such as favorites – odd numbers, odd-even, or dice totals.

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